Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1990, Claudio Ferrara is an Italian composer who is extremely active in the field of choral composition. His musical education started during middle school in the USA, where he attented “Music Theory and Composition” at Pyle Middle School and Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD. Upon returning to Italy, he attented the Conservatory of Rome “Santa Cecilia”, obtaining a bachelor’s degree as Korrepetitor and two masters degrees in Composition and Conducting of the Vocal and Sacred Repertoire. His musical studies also included jazz and knowledge of belcanto technique.

Active as a choirster tenor since his school years and absolutely passionate about a cappella singing, Claudio’s compositions are strongly centered around unaccompanied choral music. His compositional craft has been acclaimed in tens of composition competitions, in Italy and abroad. Claudio curretly resides in Rome and is constantly working on creating new choral music, both for personal artistic growth as well as under commission and has been emerging as one of Italy’s youngest prized and widely performed choral composers.

As son of an Italian diplomat, Claudio is bilingual (Italian and English) and is well-versed in French.