Bio – Works

Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1990, Claudio Ferrara is an Italian composer who is extremely active in the field of choral composition. His musical education started during middle school in the USA, where he attented “Music Theory and Composition” at Pyle Middle School and Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD. Upon returning to Italy, he attented the Conservatory of Rome “Santa Cecilia”, obtaining a bachelor’s degree as Korrepetitor and two master’s degrees in Composition and Conducting of the Vocal and Sacred Repertoire. His musical studies also included jazz and knowledge of belcanto technique.

Active as a choirster tenor since his school years and absolutely passionate about a cappella singing, Claudio’s compositions are strongly centered around unaccompanied choral music. His compositional craft has been acclaimed in numerous composition competitions, in Italy and abroad. Claudio curretly resides in Rome and is constantly working on creating new choral music, both for personal artistic growth as well as under commission and has been emerging as one of Italy’s youngest prized and most widely performed choral composers.

As son of an Italian diplomat, Claudio is bilingual (Italian and English) and is well-versed in French.


Choral Music


  • Salve Regina, per coro e orchestra d’archi; *Selected in 2015 for performance and live recording during the international composition forum “Sacrarium – Sacred Music in our time”, hosted by KLK New Music in Leopolis, Ukraine.
  • Pater Noster (SATB divisi);


  • Lugentes Campi (SATB);


  • Kyrie (SATB divisi and soli); *Third prize winner (First and Second prizes not awarded) in 2017 in the 44th International Composition Contest “Guido d’Arezzo”.
  • Amor piangeva (SATB); *Winner, in 2017, of Category B (Vocal Ensemble) prize in the second edition of the National Composition Competition “Canta Petrarca” .


  • 2017 – Benedictus (SSA, for Alexadros Kavvadas & Vocaal Ensemble Kerkrade); *Honorable mention in the 2018 International Composition Competition “Opus Ignotum”
  • 2017 – Gloria (SATB divisi); *Second prize ex-aequo winner (First prize not awarded) in 2018 in the 45th International Composition Contest “Guido d’Arezzo”.
  • 2017 – O Magnum Mysterium (SSAA);


  • 2018 – Spirit of Christmas Present (SATBarB, for Riccardo Schioppa and Ensemble InCantus);


  • Da Pacem Domine (SATTBarB);
  • The Nymph (SATB);
  • The Falling of the Leaves (SATB);
  • O Salutaris Hostia (SATB);
  • Occhi miei lassi (SSAATTBB); *Winner, in 2020, of Category A (Mixed Choir) prize in the fifth edition of the National Composition Competition “Canta Petrarca”.
  • Quel sempre acerbo (SATB);
  • Sanctus (SSAATTBB); *Vincitore del terzo premio nella 47a edizione del Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “Guido d’Arezzo”.
  • Requiem Aeternam (SATB divisi, for Federico Fioretti and Ensemble Ars Vocalis);


  • Ave Maria (SATB divisi)
  • Ave Maria (SSA)
  • O Crux Ave (SATTB)
  • Sicut Lilium (SATB divisi)
  • Agnus Dei II (SATB divisi)
  • The Sick Rose (SSAA)
  • Nenia (SSA) *Selected as “Best piece for female choir” in the International Composition Competition “Incanto Mediterraneo 2021”
  • Valle che dei lamenti miei (SSA) *Special Mention in cat. B at the V National Composition Competition “Canta Petrarca”.
  • Peccantem (SSAATTBB)
  • Disobedience (BBarBarTCtCt)
  • Miserere mei (SATB divisi, for Lorenzo Donati and UT insieme vocale-consonante)
  • Tenebrae Factae Sunt (SATB divisi)
  • Stabat Mater (SATBarB)
  • Seven Rumi Songs (SATB + piano)
    • 1) Come, Come
    • 2) Can my Star Shine
    • 3) Love is the Water
    • 4) When the Day Dawns (a cappella)
    • 5) Blood Runs Like a Torrent
    • 6) Through Love
    • 7) My Place is the Placeless


  • Our Star (SATB divisi)
  • Agnus Dei (SSAATTBB)
  • Alleluia (SSAATTBB)
  • Sanctus Dominus (SSAATTBB)
  • Amor, Fortuna (SSAA)
  • Ave Verum Corpus (SATB)
  • Sicut Lilium (SSAA)
  • Voi ch’ascoltate (SS + piano)
  • Amor (SATB)
  • L’Amor (SATB divisi)
  • Inferno (SSAATTBB)
  • A Zacinto (TTBB)
  • Ave verum corpus (SATB divisi)
  • Ave verum corpus II (SATB divisi)
  • O Sacrum Convivium (SATB divisi)
  • O Crux ave (SATB)
  • O bone Jesu (SATB)
  • O nata lux (SATTB divisi)
  • O Roma (SATB divisi)
  • Fino a quando? (SSAA divisi)
  • Jesu dulcis memoria (SATB)
  • Jesu nostra redemptio (SATB)
  • Yver!
  • La Supplica (SATB divisi)
  • Nel mezzo del cammin (SATB)
  • Odi et amo (SATB)


  • O misera et horribil visione (SATB)
  • Padre del ciel (SSA)
  • The self-unseeing (SATB divisi)

Vocal Chamber Music

  • 2014 – Oboe Sommerso, for piano, clarinet, and tenor;
  • 2021 – Come Fiamma, per piano and soprano *Finalist of the International Composition Competition “Seghizzi”, and mandatory piece for the same International Chamber Singing Competition.
  • 2021 – Il Nero e il Nulla, trilogy for piano and soprano.
    • Rinunzia
    • Passa la nave
    • Nella notte nera
  • 2021 – Passato è ‘l tempo (Piano and soprano)

Chamber Ensembles

  • 2015 – Intermezzo, for violoncello, viola, violin, piano, clarinet, and flute;
  • 2016 – Divertimento e Fuga, for violoncello, viola, violin, piano, clarinet, and flute;


  • 2019 – The Flu, for string orchestra (commissioned by Nova Amadeus Orchestra);

Piano Solo

  • 2014 – Sketch for solo piano, n.1 “La Pluie”;
  • 2016 – Sketch for solo piano, n.2 “Chimes”;
  • 2017 – Sketch for solo piano, n.3. “Longing”;

Educational (2-part rounds):

  • L’alba
  • Una brutta giornata
  • La sveglia
  • Stella cadente

Educational (3-part rounds):

  • La neve
  • Il tempo
  • La noia
  • La zanzara
  • La tempesta

Educational (4-part rounds):

  • La pioggia
  • Mambo del mango 
  • L’eco
  • Stella cadente

Educational (poliphonic songs):

  • Colori (2-part round with third voice solo)
  • La testa del chiodo *Winnor of the first prize in 2020 in the first National Composition Competition “Les Chanteurs de la Tour”, cat. 1 (Children’s Choirs)
  • La cicala e la formica *Selected to be published in the Children’s Choir collection book “Giro Giro Canto 8”